We offer discounts of 42% on 7 days bookings and some out of season 4 days for 3 on Monday check-in to Friday check-out bookings.

If the system does not allow you to check-in on the day you want, try booking for 7 days – you may get an attractive price from the discount.  For example, if you wanted to stay Wednesday to Monday, 5 nights, try booking Monday to Monday.  If the 7 day discount is available, the 7 day price may be attractive even though you are only staying 5 days.

Our normal check-in days are Mondays and Fridays with some Tuesdays for 3 day mid week bookings.  However we are flexible outside the summer period.  See bottom 2 rows of booking schedule – green shows the days which are available for check-in and check-out.

Minimum stay 3 nights.